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tv   [untitled]    September 13, 2011 8:31am-9:01am EDT

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it leads to the help. now the uprising that turned the arab world into an ever turbulent place have also placed thousands of guns into the hands of civilians and his new leaders struggle to restore security and safety in their countries concern grows at the circulation of weapons could pose further threat to the population he spoke to a former u.n. expert on how the challenging task of disarming civilians could work out. with all the talk about diplomacy and humanity the power of the gun still remains the primary means of solving international conflicts to disguise the current state of arms trade and arms trafficking and now i'm joined by the former u.n. expert on those issues brian johnson thomas thank you very much sir for being with us today let's start with libya in the beginning of the uprising and the revolution whatever you call it there were concerns that there is this may fall into the hands
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of terrorists has already happened in your view when of course it has because it's easier for guns to leave an arsenal and to get them back it's about to have recalled the most of the guns that were looted albania in the nine hundred ninety just still missing. in the hands of criminals as much as in the hands of terrorists . start off by illegally may be sold with at some point the guns the cultural problems and issues and the case of libya the concerns as you know. a lot of the rebels were until fairly recently also regarded as being in the with al qaida in some cases so there are some orders to what they might do with. you know when i was called to call character of the market which is always taking an interest in what happens in libya and once you get support for the revolution of any sort then you turn to the control of some of the individuals within it now prior to the uprising
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russia was one of the main suppliers of this to libya. but as far as i know it was not the only one and some of the countries that are now waging a campaign military campaign against colonel gaddafi are also supplying weapons to his regime quite openly yes because it's interesting isn't it that if you look at. the moral record to the west to the east and just not awfully good we seem to him to be. iraq and libya because they've got something we want i don't see anyone having any great desire to go and invade syria and disperse the president thought so maybe he's got nothing nobody wants so i think that's where the real politic comes into play but yes there was a decision taken for whatever reason to support the libyan uprising even though the same countries did go to the security council and get a resolution which in part imposed an arms about you they then went a long long way beyond those terms of reference you could argue the bombing
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campaign itself was pushing the envelope so what countries seventy actually talking about apart from russia who is supplying weapons to get out i think most countries most many countries as i mean i know for example a shipment of pistols from beretta and it's really because it went through most they made a mistake in the paperwork and it was worth nine million euros when he was nineteen million euros so that was a huge sort of i think about it but they were described i think a sporting weapons what you will sport you do with a pistol but anyway so we know even the italians have been involved certainly the british up sold military systems i didn't know whether it was weapons or search and they were sold radar and this kind of thing high tech kits to the regime so yes there's been a whole range of supplies from needy all the usual suspects if you know right now oh oh what sort of want to just be talking about and how dangerous it is and your
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perspective the problem with the arms trade will do why does it every year we make more guns that are destroyed every year the total number of weapons on the planet is increasing. quite significantly i mean i think for probably something like ten times more guns are made the not destroyed every year because united nations of occasions and culprits try and get guns out of circulation by buybacks by various programs but they're not be followed by the public but everyone still makes guns but i will always been struck by how cheap guns to make them so now one thing i noticed when i was in march and the ghaziabad. sort of become they seem very fancy i don't for a bit young and so it's almost like having an i pod find american teenager and every other person wants to have it his own kalashnikov i'm now wondering whether you can really talk about any serious fight against arms trafficking when you have
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a culture of young people really thinking that having a kalashnikov is really what makes them cool and she this is a problem in so i mean there's i was involved some time ago in a sort of the company must have been the on the i will know most of the union saying i'm told to go home without a gun which illustrates the problem certainly for a young man i mean one of the problems that up. with the child soldiers with all of those but you know it's actually more fun to be a soldier with a gun because you couldn't take what you want whether it's food or the woman you just take it because you've got to go to their homes and it's awfully hard to get these young men up through the decades of war so they're to come back into civilian life so it's a real problem i mean there are international efforts to try and establish what you might call a better organization by imposing minimum standards and there is a conference in new york next year to ten years of discussions on the north which
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will try and organize an arm straight treaty i'm one of the problems at the moment is that whatever want to agree that almost free treat is a good idea to have some control of the home straight it's what goes in the treaty which is crazy with problems. there was a famous. bazaar. clergyman called said to ghost a new onset of gold give me chastity but not yet but i had many good friends feel the same way but they need to control the whole story but they don't want to put one to control their own on their own business now regardless of what you're saying about it i get off this track record rather than here in support of him and not they have to admit that prior to this uprising lead there was a sort of an island of stability and relatively good live in africa which is a pretty turbulent continent. everything that is happening there and if all that flood of what kind it's flowing around what sort of implications it could have for the arab rest of the region it has implications certainly for the maghreb because
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it's least in terms of criminals they tend not to stay within borders so you know if you tease you to organize a bank robbery in choosing this over and on the basis of weapons you get from this turmoil in libya yes i agree with you one of the troubles is that. you see where you could have a society where the gun is king if you have it's vigils with respect to the rule of law so therefore we have to have trust you know police forces there's never enough policeman to control a population by force so we have to be policed by consent. countries which policed by consent generally speaking have a less gun crime come for us which about which i'm up so pleased with it it's also true that we have a harsh regime the same thing happens but you tend to find the majority of gun crimes would not because. people who want to hold an illegal
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weapon because they don't have any trust and someone else looking after them they don't trust the police to the power to them and that's where the problem starts so unless the libyan transitional national council can very quickly establish a trusted. impartial independent police force and that because main cities particularly there will be a temptation on people to keep guns for their own defense when the means is a temptation to use a gun for something which you shouldn't be used what sort of measures do you think the league and authorities daily been to three taken out it's here decrease the. percentage of guns but then the population i mean maybe buying them out there or offering some sort of surrender campaign or find buying guns back is a city that she's there's not a good i mean i've been bold and several sort of buy about companies becomes one hundred now discredited when there's one occasion i was working in one ambrose of
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a hole and the congo going to cost twenty years ago and i forget the price but we were paying seventy five dollars show with. all the problems on the list of the congo river you could buy the fifty books so people were bringing guns for the country became a sort of business because a business is sort of the going to get the bounty so they've been tried different ways around this by saying well as a community as a child there was a bit of age if you owe us a reference or in the forests we'll build you when you shelter or you post ational stuff like that so that seems to work better in some ways i have to say that the problem of getting weapons out of circulation is much more difficult people tend to think when in kosovo it just felt totally it was a very very expensive company you know that was it was embarrassing you know and everyone looked like a look at it like that if you can do with it is easier not to get guns out of circulation but to conclude i mean mission because i'm going to sion is happy it's
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bulky and you can have more success and there's no point having it going to him going i'm going to so many ways so do i mention there is the key to controlling lawson's weapons if they can get i mean ocean the dumb gun there's no going to them now i have another question i'm not sure whether you can comment on that by that it's just a lot of personal observation. this uprising began back in march it was primarily driven by base young people like teenagers and young men in the twenty's who went to the frontlines almost for the fun of it but at the pictures right now getting from tripoli show very different sort of troubles there is a middle aged man who seem to be a far more professional than their handling of boris. how did that shift happen i think first of all i mean on the ground for all this i mean. sort of watch myself growing old and when you're young you think you're a mortal i think what has happened is the revolution has become let's go to the stage where it looks like being successful when you get the bandwagon of the people
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who are in civilian clothes or the middle age i would guess this is a good offer zombie. of the wind is. fine i have a question regarding their recent allegations or theories that some countries may be. illegally selling arms to rebel us i know that the french admit to dropping weapons to some rebel groups opposed to accept really which is on the face but it's a breach of the security council resolution which one can only people. particularly when a permanent member of the security council goes wrong frothing resolution they voted for i think it's about about true but you know real the real will is sometimes not so nice place to be in. a british foreign secretary back and he was centuries said to wants to privatize no permanent friends who could and its interests and i think that's true of every country is true of russia it is true of us truth americans and
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the french so people will look to their interests as they see them all the time but yes it's about thing when the look at the united nations system is not for what i would it it's done for it's what i want to warehouse paintings by going to spend to the nothing else which is the best system we have and i think it's is better he unfortunate with the member states of the security council then he knows the resolution which they voted for us. thank you very much for your time pleasure. like millions of americans i've lost thousands of dollars in retirement funds haven't had as bad as many it's not just about them it's about.
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now. since this is my fill. i get the last word this financial crisis will not be turned off like a light sleep. mission . critical three. three. three. three. two three. three blown live video for your media project a free media dog r t v dot com. libyan
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rebels attack the few remaining strongholds of more moderate down the under a shield of nato asked strikes found on the day international reports all will promise committed by canales loyalists and the opposition leadership who are still unsecure some. ukraine question for legality of told to the new kid is also aside from chernobyl and made allegations they were providing not healthy profits to officials but experts say the contaminated land might be just placed in the industrial projects. germany attempts to calm fears they've been greece's potential default by members of the euro zone to stick together the stormy skies a new maybe europe in debt stricken italy the all for help. ok will join me for more of these stories about fifteen minutes time right after the sport with you know.
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thanks as always i was plenty ahead in sports of a today and clearing all this. no joke novak djokovic proves once again why he's top of the men's tennis three clinching his third grand slam crown all this season in new york city. on the ice postponed kontinental hockey league season begins five days after its scheduled kickoff following last week's deadly or crash and eurostar. yellow pearl make further inroads into the top half of the russian premier league table with and then we win in chechnya. but let's begin at flushing meadows where novak djokovic has had a long weekend to remember the serb becoming only the sixth man ever to win three of the four grand slams on offer in the same year beating rafael nadal in the final
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of the u.s. open for the fourth straight time the men's final was rain delayed until monday in new york and it was a repeat of last year's decider as well one though. a different story this time are on the spine you're managing to break djokovic in the opening game but that was one of his few highlights the serve maintaining a stunning level of quality throughout the persian sixth consecutive tournaments final meeting of the season. taapsee joke which taking the couple of sets six two six four before running back in the third forcing a tie breaker before securing a set for talk of which was back to winning ways in the fourth place stop wishing on being five one lead the twenty four year old finishing off my fish with a four winner done the line between his fourth we're grand slam six two six four six seven six one the final score joker a man quite simply on top of his game. you know it
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had. to be him here in this sort of places in the past he's not going to say. now specially because he's doing better than never but. you know what i've overcome with. knowing that i'm on the way a great match really from the start to the end even though it was the third set i had i was three times breakup. maybe you know i should not drop my serve in those moments but look. you when you play when you play that well you're must enjoy i mean you must must bring your smile in your face because you know it's all going well it's all going on your side so. but you're focused you're trying to take one foot out of time. and winning again so yeah i'm going to have more fun now when i know the mentions over. there meanwhile hotter already been celebrating her
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women's singles title the first grand slam trophy of her career straining clinching silverware on sunday thanks to a shock when with three time champion serina williams. now it's back bit two thousand and eleven twelve champions league gets going tonight one of russia's two sides involved in european football's premier club competition is a neat they are in cyprus to face up well also in the. same group or during the game porto who shocked the nets. but let's have a look first with it's a neat they are aware as i say too much starting at eight forty five central european time to meet with a few injury worries but they are favorites heading in to the clash. elsewhere on the day chelsea are in group b. they host a buyer leverkusen rossing versus valencia are the other much in group
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group f.a. looks pretty brisk here versus arsenal while you are hosting it march say as i said up well are going up while f.c. pour through shock tara will also play in the same group then it is the much of the night look at the force known verses. game on doggedly the highlights of the opening day games victoria pleasant versus hoping view aren't there just to make up the numbers in the same. ok that brings us to the russian game where we twenty three wrapped up on monday with a single match up the informed beating f.c. two one in the chechen capital grozny trouble reopening the visitors of country eight minutes in converting from the spot after. cool it was adjust to being felled in the area above the level four minutes after the. door off showed too much space
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to conferred the pinpoint force here that meant one one at the break of dawn were not to be denied the winner coming from montreuil in the fifty third minute a costly miscue from the defender on the mix. said a. russian have kept their one hundred percent record intact at the european championships david plotz side sing off macedonia in their last trip to. game in the few any tights in concert with russia winning by a single basket cup and three point you're making the difference right on the buzzer so it is not to the knockout stages where serbia waits in the quarterfinals on sunday. all right let's turn to the n.f.l. now where tom brady the liver to send performance in monday's opening clash two time super bowl m.v.p. throwing for four touchdowns to help his new england patriots see off miami on the road the teams tied at seven apiece in the second when brady got hot finding tight
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end rob gronkowski the quarterback showing elite signal calling skills in the third as well brady changing the play at the line. to get open for eight touched on that made it twenty one fourth to the pops the to connect again with brady locked in his own end welker tying the n.f.l. record by taking up pasta ninety nine yards for a touched on one for the thirty rolls highlight. the dolphins did pull one buckeyes reggie bush called a touchdown passed late in the fourth but it mattered little thirty eight twenty four the final score and he was. the raiders' also proving capable rude warriors beating denver at mile high marcel reece getting the party started a long distance to the gold coast for the visitors here though it did not stop sebastian gemma koski from tying the n.f.l. picking record with a sixty four yarder darren mcfadden figured heavily in denver's defensive game plan
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but he also ran wild run d.m.c. almost with the touched on with this effort broncos star quarterback chumpy lee meanwhile injured his hamstring while making the stop on and meant quarterback jason campbell snuck into the end zone to secure twenty three twenty. one of baseball's all time great sluggers has been hit with battery charges offered to mistake the speed with his wife retired money ramirez. arrested after an incident in his miami home for me or is his wife juliana with a swelling on her face on a small bruise on the back of her head holding to the court the two thousand and four world series m.v.p. denies assaulting his wife saying she hit her head by accident when he grabbed her the dominican republic native retired from baseball in april after testing positive for the fantasy. and finally the fourth kontinental hockey season has gotten underway the initial faceoff postponed following last week's
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tragic are crushed but saw all of the luck in the team die our correspondent robert downey went along to see c.s.k. moscow and you get in action last night in what must have been one of the purest most difficult ever experiences. this is the toughest time the young league has ever had to live through the gate and through this four season. players who remembered in some were tribute to their friends of the future slightly more killed in a plane crash last wednesday and briefly. led forth to survive in hospital but best to wait on monday morning. it was sisko knew gruff who opened the season
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in the russian capital. the army men led by their new coach you just shipler got off to a first and furious start. just two minutes into the game here gandalf produced a mussar piece move to open the scoring one nil. you grew up pushed forward with some good chances to level but it was the hosts who scored again. questioning here to gifts iska to nearly it seconds from the first intermission cisco didn't losing their grip in the second period sergei sure of netting the third late in a powerplay three nil is certainly looking like a wipe out for you grub. however the visitors didn't give up a couple of ball play gill's brought them back into the game three two high over it wasn't enough to change the outcome and cis custer the new season with
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a win. with both sides clearly playing in the name of their brothers in healthy who will never touch the ice again. last fall's. close friends of. course. and the thoughts from all the time thinking about it. every day in the sun for us all was the best way to draw two. sides to enjoy the game especially change the staff. and the mind and i know the way i feel. about taking all of the players to love every single day of. the economic so it's at least being. proud of what i'm doing and enjoy the game as much as he does and he did the. best possible. to to try. robert r
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t no skill. and that is all the support for this our weather is next and i'll see you in under two hours from war.
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in the czech republic she is available insists generally hotel and science central . most of the stuff i used to which i am a taste in bosnia and herzegovina available in. the children of each college. but you know what you know. kowtow tones. in serbia letters available in.
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libyan rebels continue to attack the few remaining strongholds of colonel gadhafi shield of nato airstrikes thousands amnesty international making use of the killings in human rights and besides. the dead zone for tourists ukraine debates whether trips to the contaminated area around chernobyl should be lifted and made allegations pale providing on health on pits to officials. and stormy seas india out of a shake me economy germany attempts to calm the as a potential to fall by adding members of the year as they stick together as. how. europe has that problem so you've got the international stock markets as fears grow over its economy will have more business in twenty minutes.

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